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Mikkelsen och Sundbaum

Mikaelas Ski School Bruksvallarna

– everything you need to know to be able to Cross Country-ski well
We teach both skate and classic cross country skiing – private or group lessons for all skiing levels.

Skiing Experience
See the mountains at their best. You will experience the beautiful natural landscape on cross-country skis and at the same time learn good technique, either classic skiing or on wider touring-skis. We ski in the high alpine environment and stop for waffles and a hot drink, or our own packed lunch from the hotel.

One day (6 hours) costs 3950 SEK for one person, 4450 SEK for two people.
Half-day (3 hours) costs 2750 SEK for one person, 3250 SEK for two people.

Cross Country-coaching
Cross Country technique training by the hour, classic or skate

1350 SEK for one hour, 500 SEK per additional person
1600 SEK for an hour and a half, 500 SEK per additional person
1900 SEK for two hours, 500 SEK per additional person

To book a lesson or if you have any questions, please email or call.
+46 (0)730 40 62 00