Mikkelsen och Sundbaum

Mikaelas Ski School Bruksvallarna

– everything you need to know to be able to Cross Country-ski well
We teach both skate and classic cross country skiing – private or group lessons for all skiing levels.

Skiing Experience
See the mountains at their best. You will experience the beautiful natural landscape on cross-country skis and at the same time learn good technique, either classic skiing or on wider touring-skis. We ski in the high alpine environment and stop for waffles and a hot drink, or our own packed lunch from the hotel.

One day (6 hours) costs 4450 SEK for one person, 4950 SEK for two people.
Half-day (3 hours) costs 2950 SEK for one person, 3450 SEK for two people.

Cross Country-coaching
Cross Country technique training by the hour, classic or skate

1495 SEK for one hour, 500 SEK per additional person
1795 SEK for an hour and a half, 500 SEK per additional person
2095 SEK for two hours, 500 SEK per additional person

Technique training in a small group
120 minutes of technique training classic or skate
Group with the maximum of 4 people. Individual feedback and filming to everyone

1250 SEK for one person

Group lesson
Cross Country technique training classic or skate, group lesson every Monday at the ski stadium in Bruksvallarna
90 minutes with technique training classic start at nine o´clock, 90 minutes with technique training skate start at eleven o´clock
Group with the maximum of 10 people
Individual feedback to everyone

695 SEK for one person

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To book ”Skiing Experience” and ”Cross Country-coaching” or if you have any questions, please email or call.
+46 (0)730 40 62 00